Wakke Fun

Fun interaction content and challenges


New project!


Social network of challenges and learning to play, teach, learn and share.

With Wakke Fun , participate in games and gain access to other technology resources to learn and teach with new educational concepts!


learn by playing

Social gaming network designed for anyone to learn according to their cognitive skills and while having fun


Seek new challenges

Gain access to challenges that rely on audiovisual resources and alternative teaching methodologies that seek to increase learning possibilities


teach and have fun

Play, learn, share learning and discover that it is possible to learn using non-traditional teaching methods


knowledge network

Connect with your friends, teachers and colleagues! Send your challenges and questions to your followers and create a knowledge network with whoever you want


wake at all

Direct integration with the Wakke Store* and courses registered in your Wakke Class* profile



See the project: https://wakke.co/wakke-fun

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