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Scrum vs Kanban: Understanding the Differences in Project Management

Exploring the nuances between Scrum and Kanban, this post offers an in-depth look at the two popular agile methodologies. We analyze their origins, principles, advantages and disadvantages, helping to understand which one best suits the needs of each project.

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Paid apps: Advantages and disadvantages of this business model

Have you ever thought about profiting from apps? Know that there are several ways to do this and today we are going to cover the advantages and disadvantages of publishing a paid app on app sales stores.

2022 trends for apps and the digital market

Understand how to position yourself in the market and reach new customers through this year's trends, stay on top of what the market expects from innovation and learn about the best ways to make the most of the opportunities of 2022.

Education: in the midst of an economic crisis the best opportunity for you

Have you ever thought about changing the future of your company and helping people to empower themselves? We will address this issue in today's text, presenting several researches that show that education is the future of the country.

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Software Development Process

Stages of the Application Development Process

Get to know the application development process and the main steps involved. Learn how to turn your idea into an efficient and successful application.

Essential stages of the software development process

Learn how the software development process works and understand the steps involved in creating a successful digital product.

Software prototyping: Importance in application development

Prototyping is critical in software and application development. Understand the concept, types of prototypes and their importance in the creation process.

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Apps Publishing

How long does it take to launch an app?

How Long Does It Take to Launch an App?" covers the phases of app development and the factors that affect their duration. Learn how to streamline the process and successfully launch apps in a reasonable time frame.

Application launch: how to know the right time to launch

One of the most anticipated steps in app development, app launch needs to be a planned and well-executed step to avoid problems in the App Store and Play Store.

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