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Implementing agile methodologies in your company: a practical guide

Discover the advantages of agile methodologies and learn how to implement them in your company to improve project productivity and efficiency.

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The importance of UI/UX in software and application development

Discover the importance of UI/UX in software and application development, and learn how good interface design and user experience can positively impact user satisfaction and retention.

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Metaverse, how does this interfere with my app?

Metaverse, understand everything about this technology that is here to stay and has gained more and more notoriety among web users of various platforms. Find out how to use this novelty for your business and attract more customers.

Home Office and Efficiency: How to Stay Productive Working at Home?

Understand the challenges and benefits of Home Office and learn how to make your remote work more productive. Follow the text to discover the 5 productivity tips that will lead you to become an exemplary professional working from home.

Apple offers 50% off Apple Store fee

A new Apple Store program enables a 50% discount on fees charged when purchasing apps and selling services within apps. The Apple Store Small Business, as the program is known, is aimed at businesses that make up to $1 million a year.

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Business Applications - 2023

The use of applications for companies in 2023 will be increasingly common, allowing greater efficiency and agility in corporate processes. Companies must invest in customized solutions to stand out in the market and improve the user experience.

Apps and the environment, how to attract users to your platform

Have you ever thought about combining the useful with the pleasant, bringing a sustainable footprint to your app? Know that in addition to helping the planet, you can use different approaches to reach new customers for your company.

How to identify your ideal customer profile for your business?

Ever wonder what it takes to expand a business? There is a determining factor that differentiates small, medium and large companies that is fundamental for the growth and security of a business: the customer.

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