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Mobile apps developed for the main companies and startups in Brazil

In Cuiabá and Florianópolis since 2020, FWC works with the main programming languages in the market.

Main solutions offered by FWC to your business

Application factory, technology consulting, support, etc.

Mobile Application Development

App Factory, building Android and iOS apps using Flutter, React and Next JS.

Back-End & APIs

All technology necessary for the correct functioning of systems and applications, such as servers and databases.

Design and Layouts

Team specialized in innovative, practical and user-friendly design. for Android and iOS Web Systems and Applications

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Frequently asked questions

Top questions about the app development process

Most projects take 30 to 120 days to complete, it all depends on the complexity of the app. For a more accurate estimate, tell us more about your project by clicking here.

A good project, intelligently and elegantly created and distributed around the world, does seem priceless, but you will be surprised to see how easy it can be to get your idea into the hands of millions of people. Get in touch with us and make a quote!

Using the most current and efficient technologies, we can make your app run on all devices, such as Apple, Android devices and also on the Web.

Yes, during and after development there may be costs related to services that the app uses. But don't worry, our experts will help you estimate and optimize these costs.

Perhaps. In addition to possible improvements, an app may need updates to keep in compliance with operating system requirements.