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Mobile apps developed for the main companies and startups in Brazil

In Cuiabá and Florianópolis since 2020, FWC works with the main programming languages in the market.

Main solutions offered by FWC to your business

Tools, technologies, support and so on.

Mobile Application Development

Construction of Android and iOS apps, using Flutter and React.

Back-End & APIs

All technology necessary for the correct functioning of systems and applications, such as servers and databases.

Design and Layouts

Team specialized in innovative, practical and user-friendly design. for Android and iOS Web Systems and Applications

Frequently asked questions

Top questions about the app development process

It depends on its complexity, for projects of low and medium complexity, the term varies from 30 to 180 days.

Yes, however, using native languages ​​the application needs to be written twice. Using hybrid technology it is written only once and is thus developed faster and at a lower final cost.

It depends a lot on your requirements, size, features and integrations. Our team is prepared to help you with this budget, you tell us your needs and, after a quick analysis, we present an estimated value.

Yes, both for publication on Google Play and the Apple Store, there are registration and annual fees.

Yes, like any other software, an application needs constant improvements and corrections. In addition, it must always comply with Android and iOS version and operating system updates. Otherwise, it can even be removed from stores.

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