Business Applications - 2023

The use of applications for companies in 2023 will be increasingly common, allowing greater efficiency and agility in corporate processes. Companies must invest in customized solutions to stand out in the market and improve the user experience.


The digital age has arrived at full speed and has brought with it countless transformations in the way we live and work. The city of Cuiabá, capital of the state of Mato Grosso, was not left behind. Application usage for businesses in the region has grown exponentially, helping entrepreneurs improve efficiency and customer experience. In this article, we are going to explore the most popular and effective apps for companies in Cuiabá and understand how they are revolutionizing the market in the Midwest.

iFood and Rappi: The expansion of delivery apps


With the growing demand for practicality and agility, delivery apps such as iFood and Rappi have gained space in the Cuiaban market. They have been instrumental in boosting sales at restaurants, snack bars and other establishments in the food industry. In addition to allowing customers to place orders via mobile phone, these apps enable owners to manage their business, track sales performance and serve a wider audience.


Nubank and PagSeguro: Making financial management uncomplicated


The arrival of fintechs, such as Nubank and PagSeguro, has made life easier for entrepreneurs in Cuiaba. These platforms offer simplified financial solutions, such as card machines, business accounts and billing services. In addition, they allow real-time monitoring of transactions and the issuance of detailed reports. This has been crucial for efficient financial management and for making more assertive decisions.


Trello and Asana: Organization and project management


Project and task management is an essential part of any business, and Trello and Asana apps have been great allies of Cuiaban entrepreneurs. With intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces, these tools allow you to create boards and lists to organize activities, assign responsibilities and set deadlines. That way, the team stays aligned, and projects run more efficiently.


Slack and Microsoft Teams: Efficient Internal Communication


Communication between employees is fundamental to the success of any company. Slack and Microsoft Teams are applications that facilitate this exchange of information, allowing the creation of groups and communication channels. These platforms integrate with other tools like Google Drive and Trello and offer features like video calling and file sharing. Thus, communication becomes more agile and efficient, improving productivity.

Google My Business: Digital Presence and Reputation


Google My Business is an indispensable tool for any company that seeks to strengthen its digital presence. This application allows Cuiabá entrepreneurs to manage information about their businesses, such as address, opening hours, phone number and photos, facilitating visibility and interaction with customers. In addition, you can monitor reviews, answer questions and analyze traffic data, which helps build a solid reputation in the local market.

Instagram and Facebook Business: Marketing and Engagement


Social networks have proven to be essential for publicizing and engaging companies in Cuiabá. Instagram and Facebook Business are tools that allow the creation and management of business profiles, enabling the publication of content, interaction with customers and analysis of metrics. In addition, they offer advertising features such as targeted ads that can be used to reach a larger audience and drive sales.

QuickBooks and Conta Azul: Simplified Accounting


Financial and accounting control is essential for the health of any business. Applications such as QuickBooks and Conta Azul have been adopted by entrepreneurs in Cuiaba to optimize accounting management. These platforms offer features such as issuing invoices, cash flow control, bank reconciliation and reporting. This facilitates the monitoring of finances and allows a more efficient management of company resources.


Sympla and Eventbrite: Event and ticket management


Organizing events is an important source of income for many businesses in Cuiabá. Applications such as Sympla and Eventbrite simplify event management, from creation to ticket sales. These platforms allow for registration control, event promotion and sales management. In addition, they enable the issuance of reports and data analysis, helping in decision-making and planning of future events.



The use of business applications has revolutionized the market and contributed to the growth and development of business in the region. These digital tools help in several areas, such as financial management, communication, marketing, organization of tasks and projects, accounting and events. The adoption of these applications is essential for entrepreneurs in Cuiaba to remain competitive and up-to-date, ensuring a prosperous and innovative future in the Brazilian Midwest.

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