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How to identify your ideal customer profile for your business?

Ever wonder what it takes to expand a business? There is a determining factor that differentiates small, medium and large companies that is fundamental for the growth and security of a business: the customer.


Digital businesses, businesses and companies of all branches are created to solve problems, which is the main objective of a product or service . “I have back pain, I need a massage therapist”, “I have to take note of this explanation, I need a pen” and so on.

Therefore, regardless of the branch of operation of your business, this resource must be presented to the person who will consume what it has to offer, and for this it is essential to forward this product to those who really need it .

This makes us realize that for each item or craft produced there is a person on the other side needing a solution , and that person is what we are going to focus on in this post.

If you are trying to better understand how to identify the customer profile for your business or how to accelerate your company's growth process , check it out until the end.


Why should I identify my target audience?


With a few exceptions, it's not interesting to advertise your candy store to diabetic people, offer promotions at steakhouses for those who don't eat meat or even sell a hydration for the hair for those who don't have hair, kidding aside, but your product should be forwarded to your ideal customer .

In fact, what makes a company stay open is its positive cash flow in relation to its expenses, and to supply its business, customers are fundamental pieces in this wheel. Remembering that the relationship with your customers is one of healthy exchanges, where your offer is the answer they were looking for and your reward is the amount granted in the sale.

The importance of identifying your company's consumer profile lies in: the more you know about the people who need the solutions you offer, the more you can reach them through different marketing strategies, consequently increasing sales and expanding mine business .


The first steps to getting to know your customers:


Know your product.

Currently, with the variety of business models and the possibility to undertake online , product and info-product variations are increasing. To be able to consciously advertise your offer, be sure about its role for the consumer. See the importance of being specific when describing/understanding your product in the case below:


Description A: Get started today! Exercise video lessons to improve your health.

Description B: Get started today! Mini course of exercises and gymnastics for work during breaks.


Considering that both definitions are for the same product, which of the two do you think it would be easier for a bank employee, who spends the entire day away from home and doesn't have time to exercise, go shopping? Do you realize that in addition to option B being the most likely to catch this customer's attention, the description of option A wouldn't even fit into your routine?



Find out who your customer is.

Still considering the case above, note that the description of the profile of this employee was quite complete, and can be even more including age group, income, marital status and various other information to increasingly improve your product and its dissemination .

Thanks to the tools present in online businesses and web platforms today, it is no longer necessary to personally interview every consumer who buys in your store or consumes from your competitor. This function has been uncomplicated by large platforms like Google and Facebook, which not only facilitate the work by collecting large amounts of information, but also offer services for the dissemination of advertisements and advertisements.

Try to be present in these dissemination networks and engage with those who are interested in being your customer, but don't worry if you don't know where to start, check out our other posts on digital marketing that are on the blog and implement these solutions in your business.


a real example


Now that you know a little more about the importance of knowing your target audience, I will present you with a real case of defining customers and for that I will start with a brief description of the company, going through the products offered and finally the target audience:

We at FWC Tecnologia, are an application development company where we seek to deliver mobile and desktop solutions to companies from the most diverse fields looking for projects involving management, marketplace, games and dissemination for their business. We serve clients in Brazil and abroad and we have a complete team to develop and monitor your project, making it a success story.

Using our case above, look at the sentences in bold to understand the recipe that runs through the strategies to define our customer profile: we start by knowing who we are , we proceed to what we do and who we do it for and finally we present a more detailed description about our solutions.

Did you like the post? Get started today and share with your entrepreneurial friends to help them reach more customers. If you're curious to know more about our projects, get in touch with us, we'll love to introduce you to a little bit of the company!


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