Metaverse and the digital revolution in 2023

Learn all about the Metaverse: what it is, how it came about, how it changes social and business relationships and how to enter this new reality!


Do you want to know what the Metaverse is and what impact it will have on people's lives and on business?

The idea of ​​living in augmented reality is quite recent and is very similar to the world of games. However, it enables a more complex experience in terms of experience.

If you've ever watched 3D movies at the cinema, you can already understand what it's like to immerse yourself in virtual reality.

The difference is that with the Metaverse you create your own scripts for this reality. To understand more about this new universe, keep reading.


What is the Metaverse?


The word Metaverse originated in 1992 with the book Snow Cash (Nevada, Brazil), by writer Neal Stephenson.

In the work, this word describes the virtual environment of the avatar character. This environment is understood in a dystopian sense, as in the universe of video games.

Today, the idea has similarities in relation to the moment when the concept appeared. You wear a visor and find yourself immersed in a virtual city where you can decide what to do, as if you clicked on a link in your browser.

You can catch up on a meeting with your office mates, shop like you're at the supermarket, pop into your favorite clothing store, catch a concert by your favorite band, or invite friends over to your digital home.

A new world is also emerging, starting from virtual reality to the possibility of investing in virtual real estate, moving a new economy.

The metaverse concept today includes features that were not developed or imagined in the 1990s.

The Metaverse is no longer just a virtual universe, but a virtual universe interconnected with reality and in which it is possible to interact with other people.

Attention to the Metaverse has grown particularly since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg changed his company's name to Meta.

The intention is to allow users to experience the platform in an entirely new way.

What is certain is that Metaverse applications have attracted the attention of many companies that are developing projects that expand their functionality.


How does the Metaverse work?


Imagine being able to attend a class and instead of using Zoom, everything happens in a virtual classroom while you have your glasses or your tech visor on.

In this room, your avatar interacts with your classmates and the teacher. So, if you can get an idea from this example, you have a good approximation of how this new ecosystem works.


Many people associate the Metaverse with Second Life, which is a computer game in which you can create another reality by creating a house and interacting with characters.

The difference is that in the Metaverse there is greater complexity, as people, in theory, participate more actively in this augmented reality.

This concept applies to different areas: business meetings, games, visits to museums, attending shows or concerts, and also shopping online.


Metaverse and the digital revolution


Many opportunities arise from a new way of perceiving reality with the use of technology. Let's now see how this digital revolution impacts human interactions and society.


Opportunities for companies


The Metaverso virtual universe is not only a digital place to interact with other users and explore spaces, but it also represents a great opportunity for companies, including in the application development sector.

This technology can bring interesting news to business. For example:

  • improving the customer experience;
  • replicate business in the virtual universe;
  • initiate new commercial initiatives;
  • have more advertising and marketing opportunities;
  • improve remote work.

With Metaverso, companies will be able to offer new experiences to customers.

Nike, for example, decided to invest in NTFs to launch digital shoes in the Metaverse. In Brazil, Vitreo launched a cryptocurrency investment fund for Metaverso.

More and more companies want to expand their business in the online world and, with augmented virtual reality, the trend is similar.

Companies specializing in technology see an infinite universe of business possibilities to create new ventures.

That's also what happened to NVIDIA, in the technology sector, which decided to capitalize on the rise of the Metaverse by creating the Omniverse.

One of the most attractive aspects of this virtual universe for companies is that it represents a place to propagate advertising opportunities.


famous platforms


A plethora of consumer-facing digital worlds have emerged that can be accessed through a browser, an app, or a virtual reality device.

Check out some of the platforms to enter the Metaverse:

  • Decentraland is a virtual reality world created by Ethereum in which users, once registered, can create virtual buildings, parks, houses and even charge visits from other users.
  • Sandbox has become popular since the announcement of its partnership with Meta; their avatars have a blocky visual style similar to Minecraft.
  • Stageverse is also a new virtual platform. It had its debut at the concert of the band Muse and allows users to watch concerts through 3D movies in 360° with special effects. You can access Stageverse through the Oculus app.

Coins in the Metaverse


One of the fastest growing sectors in the metaverse is cryptocurrencies.

With a cryptographic virtual wallet it is possible to buy virtual currency and spend it online, as if you were doing it in real life.

Metaverse Coins are purchased for around 10 dollars. Some of them are Polygon (MATIC), UFO Gaming (UFO) and MANA (Decentraland), but there are many others.

First you need to create your own Avatar. You can create avatars with different features.

So, you can use digital currencies, which are an instrument for exchanging value to be able to carry out the various transactions securely through the Blockchain.

Companies such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and others allow users to own virtual land that a user can play on to win or build buildings that they can later rent and sell.

Digital assets can be bought and sold using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), expressed via cryptographic code.

Metaverses, NFTs and Blockchain will play a central role in shaping the near future.


How to enter the Metaverse?


To enter Metaverso, all you need is a computer or smartphone with a fast internet connection, as well as an account on one of the platforms that offer this type of experience.

In practice, it is accessible to anyone. Also, you don't necessarily need to have a virtual reality viewer, although using the glasses provides a more realistic and immersive experience.

Each platform decides its own rules. To enter the Facebook Metaverse, in addition to having a Facebook account, you will need the Oculus VR Quest 2 viewer.

On the other hand, the Descentraland platform requires you to have a cryptocurrency wallet and the whole environment is based on the MANA cryptocurrency.

Another platform is that of The Sandbox , which can be accessed through a VR viewer.

There you can buy lots and build buildings, just like in Descentraland . It is important to remember that this is a virtual reality, which does not exist physically.

Sandbox is similar to an advanced The Sims. Stageverse is a virtual venue where you can watch virtual shows and concerts.


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